How to trigger scene concerning lights from button card

Hi, I am not even sure if it’s best practice, and I know it’s extremely simple stuff. But I want to create a few scenes that overrides the lights, for example turning of all lights in the house if I am leaving. I can create the scenes, that works when I run them from the Configuration -> Scene ->

What I want is the scenes to be triggered from a button card in my dashboard. But no matter how I configure it, it won’t allow me to run the scenes.

With Tap Action, I’ve tried Toggle, Default Action, Call Service (Scene.Turn_On)

Do you know why? This is the scenes.yaml:

- id: '1595211339839'
  name: test
      state: 'off'
  icon: mdi:weather-night


I am new to this also and spent the better part of yesterday trying to get a button in the dashboard to activate a scene. In my case I needed to set the tap action to “Call Service” and select “Scene.turn_on”.
After that I also needed to open the code editor for the card and add two lines of code.

The lines I added was service_data and entity_id + the name of the scene.

  action: call-service
  service: scene.turn_on
    entity_id: scene.phostoneerfs_2
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It’s working, thank you so much!