How to trigger the konnected siren in home assistant automation jaml?

Hi Dear,
As a nu be I try to figure out how to trigger the “Konnected” siren (zone-out) in the home assistant automation jaml. Within the “action” part of a automation I have tried everything in the bock but nothing triggers the siren. I can trigger the siren from the front end in the overview window or with developer status tool no problem. Shore locks like I am missing something, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    service: homeassistant.turn_on # or switch.turn_on if it is a switch
    entity_id: [your_konnected_siren_id]

Hi Tom

Thank you for your help, work’s great


PS sorry for the delayed response, i was out of town for a while.

Hi Hardy, i am having similar problem - in my case i cant trigger the siren from developer tools. i have red and black connected to Konnected +/- Alarm and have a switch out in config. Is there anything additional step to do ?