How to trigger this water hose valve?

This is the PCB of a Hoselock AC1 I’ve got laying around. When the two contacts indicated by ‘valve open’ are linked it runs the open valve routine which rotates the valve a set amount until open. When the ‘valve closed’ contacts are linked it closes the valve.

The valve can over-rotate if powered separately so I need to use the in-build PCB and these contacts to control that mechanism correctly.

What is a way I can control linking those two contacts? I’ve got an ESP01 and a nodeMCU gathering dust but I’m only familiar with using those flashed with Tasmota or WLED.

I’m thinking it should be pretty simple solution, but I don’t know enough, yet.


Sounds like you need two relays.
Flash a ESP chip with ESPHome and look at the relay example code.
Duplicate that and use two different pins.
Solder wires from the larger connection pad to the common of the relays.
Solder from the smaller pads, one to each relays NO connection.

Now when the ESP chip pass a current through the pin the connection will be made at the board on your picture.
And you should have two switches in HA that you can control it with.

And so that you can continue to use the existing rotary switch don’t solder to the gold pads. Solder to the silver ones they connect to (follow the PCB tracks).

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The ESP01 I’ve got is part of a 12V relay so I think I’ll give that a try. It’s already configured and part of my HA config too.


The other side has exposed wires rather than small pads and has access in the box so I was going to solder to those. The rotary selector is part of the case so it’ll stay intact. Will be nice if it works!

If the valve should be either open or closed (never both, and never neither) you only need that one relay as it has n/o and n/c contacts.

Sort of. The rotary selector on the unit switches on what I’m guessing is a stepper motor to rotate the valve a set amount via a controller somewhere on the PCB. I’m planning on doing the switching via an ESP01 and hopefully the suggested relay option.

Finally managed to get it sorted after arguing with Terminal to get esptool to run.

Wired as explained above and it works! Now I’ve got to sort out the power issue as the relay is 12v.

What power do you have available?

240v mains or a 12v battery. Thinking the battery and a little solar will sort it.

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@nicktheguitar - Did you have much luck with this? I like the idea of taking control of a known brand valve rather than trying to build my own (which will inevitably leak).

It technically works, but it’s not been installed to test yet as it’s currently winter here and we’ve got 20cm of snow in the garden!

If I were buying a setup I’d look at something a bit more built for purpose. This was more of a case of I had the stuff laying around doing nothing so why not open it up and see if I could!

Thanks @nicktheguitar. Agreed. I’ve since found that purpose built irrigation valves aren’t too expensive, they just require a bit more of an installation. I’ll likely go down that route.

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