How to trigger Z-wave "alarm" action (Fibaro)?

Some of my Z-wave devices, typically Fibaro switches, have an alarm function.
For example you can configure them to flash during the alarm.

I can’t figure out how to trigger and disarm the z-wave alarm function.
I would like to use it in combination with HA Alarm (which works like a charm).


Any suggestions?


I have the same question.
I own a Xiaomi smoke detector and I would like to use it to trigger the Z-Wave alarm function.

My Fibaro Relay switch (FGS223) has 2 sensors (Alarm_type and alarm_level) but how can I change them to trigger the alarm behaviour ?


Hi, Long time since this post.
Were you able to find how to do this?

would also be interested :wink:

I haven’t used any of it before, but I’d expect you need to set a direct association between the alarm and the target.