How to troubleshoot - no lovelace custom cards can load when "casting" via chromecast

I’m at a loss at how to self-troubleshoot errors when trying to cast to a chromecast TV. Normally with browser issues I can just open the browser debugger interface and find the error. But with the chromecast, there is seemingly no debug information. Is there a way to access it?

All custom cards work great from regular browsers, chrome, etc.

I’ve found some threads that this could be caused by custom cards using an older method of “LitElement”, but from research it seems like I am using new versions of these components that should have those problems fixed.

I am using HACS and using the most recent version of each component. I have tried another suggestion from other threads to bypass that “/hacs” path and add each lovelace resource module via yaml using the “/local/” paths, everything loads fine on a real browser.

I thought maybe if this was a resource load error, I could enable debug logging on the http module. I tried that, and it is very spammy on websocket messages, but I don’t see any obvious errors. Any advice on logging changes I could make to help with this?

How can I get from this generic “custom element does not exist” to a real, investigable message?

Home assistant version 0.117.2

I found this, but it won’t let me debug the page. Probably because my device isn’t registered with the application?

Did you solve this, I have the same problem with a chromecast device plugged into the TV

No I never solved this, I’d still like to. I was thinking of making an issue on GitHub next. I tried to do the chrome app debugging myself, but I need to be allow listed by the developer, which I think is the home assistant team.

Ok, thanks for coming back, ill persevere and see if I can get it up and running.

Just to update on this, I never got cast via HA working. From searching around, many people report that casting has never worked well.

I did get casting working using catt (“cast all the things”). It renders lovelace no issues. I had to use the “trusted networks” feature of HA to allow the chromecast to login. I’ll probably run something very similar to resting-catt in a different docker container and then use rest_command in HA to call it.