How to troubleshoot Samsung TV randomly turning on?

Hi, I use the SamsungTV-Smart integration as the default, built-in one cannot wake up my NU8000 TV and doesn´t provide channel and input names. I have been using it for at least two years without many issues.

The issue is, the TV started to randomly wake up/turn on. The default log and the Logbook don´t provide any actionable info. How can I investigate and debug this further?

I´m asking here because the general knowledge might help me elsewhere. I did read the logger integration documentation but wasn´t able to get good results.

It´s an integration installed through HACS. What is then the proper nomenclature for the logger? Is it custom_component.samsungtv_smart? Or what? Thanks!

I have witnessed this a few times with mine. I still don’t know the cause but I was always suspicious it was Apple TV causing it based on the settings the TV keeps randomly waking to. Do you have an apple TV on that Samsung TV? Regardless of whether appletv is hooked to home assistant?

No but I have Rpi4 with Kodi (Libreelec 10.0.2) on it. But the issue started in a period when there wasn’t a Kodi update for a couple of months. The TV randomly turns on roughly 1-2 times a day.


I had a similar experience. Until I disabled the anynet+ (Menu—>System—>Anynet+) . Since then, the tv no longer turns on by itself….

Thanks but I use hdmi-cec (anynet+) All the time to control Kodi.

I have the same issue with the bedroom Samsung TV…missus is giving me earache as it keeps waking her up. I cannot trace what is causing it for the life of me. Seems a fairly recent think ( last few months I think). Sometimes lookt at the history log it comes on for 4 or 5 mins then goes off…sometimes it stays on

Did you get to the bottom of it @Stooovie ?

I didn’t, no. It goes long stretches not doing it and then it does it multiple times a week…

I have this recently with my samsung smart projector.

Turn off my nvidia shield pro and then give it a few mins and it gets turned back on randomly, I have no idea what is causing it and how to stop it.

At this point I’m going to end up using a smart plug to kill the power when I trigger the nvidia shield to turn off and then get the smart plug to turn it all back on again.

I have no idea what is causing it, tried on and off the anynet stuff doesn’t help

Just started happening to 1 of my 3 Samsung TVs over the last week. They are all the same model and connected to HA in the same way odd.