How to turn of the first light in a series

When our house was built last year our electrician made one mistake (he claims we told him to do it this way, but whatever). He put two patio sconce lights on the same light switch as two soffit can lights.

The power goes from the switch to the sconce lights (light 1) then on to the can lights (light 2). My can lights are Tuya, so I can control them separately from the switch, but the sconce lights are special edison bulb that I can’t find a smart version of. Is there something, like a shelly, I could put at the sconce light junction box that would allow me to turn off the sconce light with HA while leaving the can light on? Power would only get to the sconce light electrical box when the light switch is turned on. And I still want to be able to turn all the lights on/off with the light switch.

You could use e.g. a zigbee switch that by switches on by default when power is supplied or not…
Then add automation (if ‘available’ then…)
I dismantled one of my zigbee switches to do similar…dismantled to reduce the size and make it fit in the light socket.

Thanks, I’m trying to find something that would turn on light 1 instantly, then have an HA automation (or manually with an HA button) turn it off if not needed. I think using an automation to wait and see if the zigbee switch is available would cause too much delay.

That would then be the first part of my proposal…the switch could have a default ‘on’

I ended up finding these Geeni bulbs that look exactly like the bulbs we were using. And these are controllable via Local Tuya. I just bought them and can turn them on/off separately with HA.