How to turn off Home Assistant correctly?

If you shutdown the host, isn’t it going to send a signal to shutdown the core?
If you shutdown the core through the GUI then you lose GUI connection.
So, I would think all you would have to do is shutdown host.

FYI mine says “Shutdown system” (there is no “Shutdown core” or “Shutdown host”)

Running :

Home Assistant 2022.11.2
Supervisor 2022.10.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

Thanks! I was searching for this option for many time ago

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omg, thank you so much. What ab obvious choice. Was looking for hours …

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Although I believe -

sudo ha core stop

would do iit gracefully, I typically do this:

To stop Home Assistant Superviser from Autostarting:

sudo systemctl disable hassio-supervisor.service
sudo systemctl disable hassio-apparmor.service

then I reboot and do the maintenance work I need, then issue:

sudo systemctl enable hassio-supervisor.service
sudo systemctl enable hassio-apparmor.service

then I reboot again and check the logs etc.

Here is what I am running (64 bit Home Assistant Supervised (supported) running on a RPI 4 w/ 8Gigs of ram booting off a 1TB SSD installed with these steps - Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11 - #684 by KruseLuds):

System Information

version core-2022.11.3
installation_type Home Assistant Supervised
dev false
hassio true
docker true
user root
virtualenv false
python_version 3.10.7
os_name Linux
os_version 5.10.0-19-arm64
arch aarch64
timezone America/New_York
config_dir /config
Home Assistant Community Store
GitHub API ok
GitHub Content ok
GitHub Web ok
GitHub API Calls Remaining 4856
Installed Version 1.28.3
Stage running
Available Repositories 1210
Downloaded Repositories 22
can_reach_server ok
remaining_requests 22
Home Assistant Cloud
logged_in false
can_reach_cert_server ok
can_reach_cloud_auth ok
can_reach_cloud ok
Home Assistant Supervisor
host_os Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
update_channel stable
supervisor_version supervisor-2022.11.dev0401
agent_version 1.4.1
docker_version 20.10.21
disk_total 915.4 GB
disk_used 13.0 GB
healthy true
supported true
supervisor_api ok
version_api ok
installed_addons Log Viewer (0.14.0), Samba share (10.0.0), Home Assistant Google Drive Backup (0.109.2), File editor (5.4.2), Duck DNS (1.15.0), Terminal & SSH (9.6.1), Core DNS Override (0.1.1), Mosquitto broker (6.1.3), AppDaemon (0.10.1), AdGuard Home (4.7.5)
dashboards 4
resources 15
views 25
mode storage
oldest_recorder_run October 20, 2022 at 5:25 AM
current_recorder_run November 17, 2022 at 10:54 AM
estimated_db_size 1594.20 MiB
database_engine sqlite
database_version 3.38.5
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I’m running Core 2023.1.7 on a Raspberry Pi under Debian Bullseye.
There is no stop button anywhere that I can find. Not in Developer, System, anywhere.
How can I gracefully stop HA? I finally had to send a kill signal over ssh.

Settings > Hardware > Upper Right Corner (Power Button) if you hover of it it says restart, but there are choices just like Linux, Windows, Apple.


Click the button then advanced settings, in there you can shut down the system


Thanks for the reply. No menu would load without an error image but I was still able to trigger switches from the app. I was reluctant to power down the host even with the very limited function but after trying everything within the app to figure out the issues, I just decided to plug the host from power. After plugging back in, it took a few minutes and after the restart appears to have come back normal. Prior to this, nothing was working and I’d already started researching how to restore from my back up image. Nothing like being throw into this situation and I haven’t practiced an emergency recover. I need to at least understand the process just in case I have to recover from a failure. I appreciate your help.

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I’m new to HAOS, so pardon the stupid question:
I am running HAOS on a raspberry pi. If I choose “shut down the host system”, this gracefully shuts down Home Assistant prior to shutting down the host system, correct?

Could you provide a more complete thought? Instructions that start with ‘the button’ never go well. What button? I can’t find the shutdown or reboot using the instructions you provided. It seems like you’re in Settings > Hardware…

#2 seems un-followable. The first step is to click ''Configuration", I can’t find that. I have “Settings” but nothing under there called “Add-ons Backups and Supervisor”

Here’s complete working instructions to shutdown the system:
Settings > System > Power Icon in Upper Right Corner > Advanced Options > Shutdown System


Because the instructions were written a dozen versions ago; the location of menu items has changed.

Owing to Home Assistant’s rapid evolution, information in posts older than six months is likely to be outdated.

Personally -
press “c” while on any page of the dashboard. Type “system” and hit Enter.
Click the shutdown button in the top right of the system settings page.

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Yeah sorry, I think I was meant to reply to the previous comment in the thread which provided the context.
Settings > System > Power Buttom (top right of UI)

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Thank you!!! This solved my problems!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the instructions, I have done that a couple of times. However that does not shut that my virtual server right? (i’m running proxmox). I would still have to open a new window, go to the proxmox interface and shut it down from there before finally turning off the physical switch of the computer running home assistant. Is there a shortcut to these things i’ve mentioned above. Like can i shutdown both home assistant and proxmox from the Home assistant UI? Thanks!!

Obiwan - Thanks for posting this - worked much more effectively than the “accepted” solution; those buttons seem to have been moved since Jan 22…

Chris’s updated UI instructions also worked great.

Minniemie - not sure about proxmox, but on the virtualbox install, that seems to power off the VM. Using virtualbox to restart the machine also restarts the CLI and Core.

sudo ha host shutdown