How to turn on 2+ light concurrently without using groups?

I have my chandelier which has 3 hue lights. They are grouped together in a group in HASS, but when I turn on or off around 20% of the time something goes wrong (not all lights go off/on, or after 1 minute or so a light switched off goes on again (not all of them).

Pretty weird behaviour.

To avoid it i was looking into other option, like a script with a delay, but minimum delay is 1 second? That’s too much. Any other option?

You need to fix the root cause. They should not do what you describe. When a light is turned off; it should stay off.

I can switch on/off a group of several lights and they come on or off within a second of one another.

just use each entity_id instead of the group. I’ve noticed that in chandeliers that not all the lights work properly for dumb lights. Might be the issue that’s going on here.

I don’t understand. In the chandelier I have 3 HUE lights

How to troubleshoot?

    - service: homeassistant.turn_off or .turn_on
          - light.light1
          - light.light2
          - light.light3

Group the lights in the Hue app, then use the entity_id for the Hue group.

There are a few threads dotted around on this subject, but basically it is to do with the number of requests you send to the Hue hub.

HA group of 3 lights = 3 requests to the Hue hub at the same time, causes problems.

Hue group of 3 lights = 1 request, no problem.

Undrstood. But how to make a group in the HUE app?

Please note that I’m not at home so I’m looking at my Hue app for inspiration, but I am giving the instructions from memory…

In the Hue app click the cog icon to go to settings, then click Room Settings, Add Room.

Call the room Chandelier. Add the three bulbs to the Chandelier room.

Restart HA.

You should now have a light in your devices called (something like) light.chandelier

HA will see this as one light, but turning it on and off will affect all three bulbs.

You can then go a step further and set scenes for the chandelier group in the Hue app, then setting this scene in HA will set the lights correctly. So you could set ‘traffic lights’ scene in the Hue app where one bulb is green, one yellow and one red. You apply this to the ‘light.chandelier’ in HA and you’re done.

There’s examples of this in the docs, or in my GitHub look at the folders relating to Master Bedroom (scripts/automations).

Hope this helps.

I found other way, using a different app: creating a GROUP (not Room), and uploading it to the HUE BRIDGE. Now I have a light.chandelier in HASS (which is a GROUP in the Hue bridge.

Strange that the HUE app does not allow to make GROUPS (beside ROOMS), probably they know that too many GROUPS/ROOMS are affecting stability

You could of also created the group in HA.

That was what he did in the first place and it wasn’t working properly due to the Hue hub request limitation problem.

Yes, my bad, totally missed that.

Yes, problem started so