How to, uh, update?

So I was fairly behind on HA version, and have upgraded to 2022.8.6. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to upgrade various things, including HAOS.

Settings->System->Updates shows me links to several things that can be updated. Home Assistant OS. Add-ons like Grafana and VSCode. But clicking on each takes me to some generic entity page for the update notification itself. I see no path from there to actually, you know, update anything.

I CAN update Add-Ons by going to Settings->Add-ons->->Update. I know it’s possible to update HAOS from the CLI. But I feel like I’m missing something obvious in the new (to me) Update section, or any way to update things like HAOS from the UI.

What am I missing? What’s the “right” way to update and use the Updates manager?

Also, how would you reboot the OS from the UI now? Or has this stuff moved to CLI-only or something?

Edit: Nevermind. I see it’s moved to Settings->Hardware->HaveToClickTheThreeDotsForSomeWeirdReason->Reboot/Shutdown

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Any available updates should show up at the top of the Settings screen. If you don’t see boxes offering updates there, refresh the page or clear your browser cache.

They’re there. If you click on them, you get some entity dialog box with no option to install.

Exact same in Settings->System->Updates.

Tried browsers on multiple systems and the Android app. All the same. Here’s a shot after tapping one in the app:

Try clearing your browser cache and disabling any content blockers that you may have installed in your browser for the HA instance. Beyond that, I suggest filing an issue in github.

I cleared browser cache. I used the app. I cleared and reinstalled the app. It’s not client-side.

Guess I’ll file an issue.

So where DO you see the update links? An example would be useful.

And what is confirmed to show them? I assume that the individual devices/integrations have to support having an “install” button - like I’m guessing maybe it’s normal that my Unifi devices don’t support installing updates from this interface. But seems like it’d be really weird for HAOS devices not to. I guess?

I’ve seen the same for the OS and updated successfully.