How to update an old HA/HASS install

Hi. I had put this project aside for a number of years and have just restarted it again. Currently it says

Home Assistant 0.84.2 is available
You are currently running version 0.73.0

What is the suggested upgrade procedure to get on the latest release. TIA, Tom

Did (n)ever change a running system?

Quick win is probably just to install new in your case… 0.73 was a thing the last time you posted (6 years ago)

IDK if it’s even possible to bring that setup to the current release, OTOH I have seen that you can select a specific version when updating but no idea if this can be done from the release you are running.

If you haven’t done much to customize your setup; I would follow the advice of my fellow HA user to start from scratch with the latest release.

Thanks for chiming in, yea I kinda figured a new install was in order. I do have two devices that from that timeframe that I’d like to retain. I’d assume the process to find and add devices has improved. I do recall it took me a while to get them going last time.

HA has really changed A LOT since then and if you want to make sure that your devices work (which they wil most likely do), have a look at the official HA integrations page or do a search on the forum to see if they are mentioned.