How to update conbee firmware from Hassbian?

There is an update according to deCONZ, but when I click it nothing seems to happen. GCFFlasher_internal, was referenced somewhere for a manual update, but the command does not exist in rasberry pi.

I run deCONZ in a docker.

You need to follow the instructions from the docker GitHub. You will need to run scripts over ssh in the container

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So, I have the same problem deconz says there is a new firmware version but the web UI doesn’t install it.
The instructions I have found, unless I am on the wrong track, want me to make changes to hassio so I can ssh as a developer into a lower level than standard ssh allows. This emphasises that it is not for end users. Am I in the wrong place? Is there a simpler way.

I’m running deconz inside HA as an add-on.

I want the firmware update to hopefully stop my xiaomi switches disappearing after an hour or two.

Did you fix? Im having same problem

Are you running If yes, here is a how-to for

My solution was to install deconz on my pc and plug in the usb device. It promptly upgraded it. Popped it back into pi and all done.

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