How to update entity name after Tasmota change

I changed the name of a entity in Tasmota, but HA does get the new names.
How can HA get informed of this change ?

Thanks Heinz

Could we have more detail? Which entity did you change and how?

Hi Stiltjack,

I changed the SML script of the Tasmota energie meter from


to a more readable meter name and a better entity name.


But the HA entity does not get updated.

Thanks Heinz

Here is an update:
After many reboots and waiting a day the entities got automagically updated.
So the new questions are:

  • what triggers the update ?
  • how long do I need to wait until they get updated ?

As you say, automagic :roll_eyes:. How often is the value of the entity updated? The name change may not appear until that happens.