How to update HA on docker installed on Qnap NAS?

I have just installed an instance of HA on my Qnap NAS via docker (Container Station), it works well (excepting some Gosund plugs and Pansonic Blu-rays), I am totally begginer on home automation and on Home Assistant. But my first question on this forum is: how may I update my instance of HA in an easy way, suited for my total noobness in IT and HA? Thanks very much!

Hello, usually if you install from Qnap repository your update comes with a system update or Qnap app store update. If a manual installation you need to find a newer package.
Same for my Asustor NAS. Right now my HA version is one below the actual one.

What you can try is to install Portainer iO from the QNAP store.
With this you might be able to mount a new image to your HA installation…

OR (what i do) → wait until they release the update on QNAP/Asustor internal Store.
hope this helps.
cheers A.

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Thanks for your kind answer. Indeed, I believe that your advice is the good one: I will wait till they release a new one. Best regards!

in the meanwhile i did find a pretty convenient way to upgrade.
The app is called Portainer iO. You may find this on your QNAP store as well.
This handles as a nice web interface for your docker instance running on your NAS.

Here you will find the HA docker container. What you then need to do is

  • Stop the Container
  • Open the container
  • Press Duplicate/Edit
  • Scroll down to Image
  • Paste this: homeassistant/home-assistant:latest
  • Scroll further down to Actions
  • Press deploy container

This is how i could update to the latest version yesterday.

Here are some screenshots:


btw. If you have more docker instances you can manager them from here as well.

good luck!
cheers Armin