How to update Harmony device list

Home Assistant added my Logitech Harmony Hub automatically through the discovery component which is great! However, yesterday I added a new device to my Harmony Hub and “harmony_harmony_hub.conf” hasn’t updated yet (I restarted HASS) so the device and its commands are not listed there. How do I do this? Should I delete the .conf file or is there a better way? I don’t want to skrew up my stuff.

Deleting the config is the way I do it. It doesn’t mess anything up. The ID’s are static unless you removed an activity and replaced it with the same activity name (on the remote).

FWIW: The text in the .conf file is directly pulled from the harmony remote. After looking at the component code, it appears as if the text is unaltered. So with that in mind, that means the ID#'s and names are derived from the remote. So the only thing that would cause any ‘link breaking changes’ would be you completely removing and adding a new device/activity under the same name.

You could also use the remote.harmony_sync service.

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Seen that before but it’s not fully explained, does it literally just update the .conf file?

I had debugged into the source code a while back, I remember it being a function in harmony’s API. I don’t remember what the component did after making the call though. I’ll have to look at the source when I get home later.

I just checked and yes, all it does is sync and then rewrite the config.


Perfect, cheers matey :+1: