How to Update to HA 2021.4.X

I’ve been running HA for several months on a RPi4 with no issues. I have been prompted to update Supervisor and Core many several times. However now, the updater is checked, but I can’t find out where I can update to 2021.4. I’m currently running 2021.3.4 Core, 2021.3.6 Supervisor, and 5.12 OS.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I have rebooted, the Core - no change, Supervisor - no change, and finally the Host and still not option to upgrade.

Anyone have ideas on what I’m missing?

Install/use SSH and cli

I have ssh installed, have not done an update yet that way. I’ll search the community to find the process. Any idea why the upgrade links aren’t showing up this time or a way to look at logs to see what is amiss?


– Update –
Via SSH, I used the following command line command to upgrade successfully
ha core update --version 2021.4.3