How to upgrade OpenZwave with changes from a pull request

I have a AiO Installation of HASS. I have a Z-Wave Switch that uses CentralScene Command Class, this isn’t/wasn’t supported in OZW yet. But a guy on the OpenZwave Repository made a pull request where he added Support for it (OpenZWave/open-zwave#993) . So now i’m wondering how can i update my OpenZwave on my installation with the changes done in this pull request.

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I’d love to know how to keep my OZW setup updated too. I’m yet to find any help about how to update OZW on the Pi after doing the All in one install.

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Also interested.

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First, let me say that I did not install Home Assistant with the AIO install, and rolled my own. I posted my install on my blog if anyone wants to use for reference:

That aside, installing python-openzwave is super easy.

cd /opt && git clone   # Grab python-openzwave
cd /opt/python-openzwave && git checkout python3   # Checkout python3 branch
PYTHON_EXEC=$(which python3) make build   # Compile python-openzwave
PYTHON_EXEC=$(which python3) make install   # Install python-openzwave

When you run make build, it runs which should grab the latest from the openzwave repo, which contains the updated files you seek. So theoretically, you could find your python-openzwave dir, git pull, make build, make install, and it should update.

Alternatively, you can find your openzwave config dir (that contains manufacturer_specific.xml and download the latest from the openzwave repo ( replacing with the new code there. I’ve recently committed a couple changes to the openzwave project, and I just manually put the files in my config dir and restarted things and it worked just fine. I’ll try to see if I can find a better upgrade path for open zwave.


Just a follow up here, and again, this is only relevant to my install based on the guide I wrote.

So when you build python-openzwave from git, it looks like the openzwave dir inside there (full path for me was /opt/python-openzwave/openzwave) was initialized as another git dir pointing to the open-zwave repo ( so all I had to do was go into that dir (again, /opt/python-openzwave/openzwave) and run git pull to pull down the latest updates to the vendor database.

Again, not sure if this applies to those installs done with the AIO, but hopefully that will help point anyone in the right direction (which it should, if you compiled python-openzwave from the git repo).

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