How to upgrade to a non-stable Addon (eufy-security-ws 1.8.0)?


Basic infos:

  • Core 2024.2.5
  • Supervisor 2024.02.1
    Docker Enviroment

I’m using bropat’s eufy-security-ws addon in it’s current release 1.7.1 but have a newer Solocam that all tho discovered, does not yield any useful feedback for automation. Those triggers will be implemented in the upcoming release, 1.8.0 as bropat states in the issue tab.

I’ve noticing that - be it not on the hassio-eufy-security-ws branch, the actual eufy-security-ws github sports the develop and (i assume a experimental) 1.8.0 branch version of bropat’s addon.

Can’t that version be uploaded to the data folder? Or could i make use of it? If so, how?


These might be good questions for the author…

I just want to be sure, it’s not like:
“oh well, it’s easy, you just need to replace the 1.7.1 docker image with the new 1.8.0 and it will work”


“simple, exchange the old config files with the new ones and voila”

I’m not very versed in running linux, and i’m scared to mess up my stacks :smiley: