How to use 2.8" ILI9341 TFT with 8-Bit parallel bus

I want to use a 2.8" TFT with ESPHome. It uses the ILI9341 controller chip, but instead of SPI it uses an 8-bit parallel bus to communicate. I can’t figure out how to use this display with ESPHome. It works with ESP32 using a library called TFT_eSPI, but it seems like ESPHome only supports ILI9341 using the SPI bus.

Is there any way to use this display in ESPHome?

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does anyone have an answer?

You are right at this moment you can only use a SPI version of the ili9341 there is no parallel support build in.
When you have the knowledge you can modify the existing ili9341 or create a request to modify it for you.

It would be handy when you show the display you want to use. And how you plan to access it (which pins etc.) this will give some idea to resolve you request easier.

I have found this connection schema but i can use it in esphome.
The pinout of this display is made to fit in Arduino UNO. Sorry for my english

That does not look that difficult to implement, sadly i have no time yet to do the changes,
But when you know a little arduino programming, then i suppose you can make the needed change yourself in the existing ili9341 component. There is just on place where the component is sending data to the display over SPI.

The SPI connection is on the 4 pins that are not wired at the left top…
I don’t understand if I can control the display via those 4 pins, the component should be XPT2046. There are examples on the net but none show the exact connection.

Hello bind@giuian69, have you found a solution? I have a 2.5" ili9341 and this also has to be connected in parallel mode. It works with Arduino but I’m not familiar with it. I also reluctantly added a plugin in HA

I’m looking forward to your answer

Hello. Have you found a solution? I ordered 10 of these some time ago and would now like to continue with them.