How to use a notification on your dashboard


I have a switch which goes on or off to notice me if the security system is on or off but this switch you can serve manualy too which is not my purpose, I only want to see a notification of that switch which shows me the system is on or off and which you cannot slide manualy on or off, what should I use on my dashboard as notification of that switch?

Create a template sensor that shows the state of the switch. Like this:

  - binary_sensor:
      - name: "State of switch"
        state: >
          {{ states.switch.entity_id.state }}

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Hello, thanks a lot. Just put this in the configuration.yaml editor with the correct name of the switch and where will I see then this sensor?

I tried some kind of things but I got stuck after adding the template, How do I see it somewhere or how do I have to add it to the dashboard?

The template creates a new sensor. You have to add it to your dashboard.

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