How to use a rockchip -rk frigate image on Home Assistant Green?

I’ve installed frigate on my new Home Assistant Green, I can see my cameras and I’m capturing events with a Coral TPU, however watching the CPU usage in htop shows all 4 cores at around 65-75% usage and watching docker stats it shows the addon_ccab4aaf_frigate-fa container using ~240% CPU.

I’m guessing it’s using software decoding. The Home Assistant Green has a Rockchip RK3566 SoC, and the Frigate config page says hardware decoding is supported on Rockchip devices using a frigate docker image with a -rk suffix.

So my question is, having installed frigate via HACS and the Add-ons sytem, how can I get an -rk image installed and running?

you can’t, the addon system does not expose the correct control for rockchip to be supported as an addon