How to Use a Zen 16 to control myQ Garage Door with a Reed Switch in Home Assistant using ZwaveJS

I originally was using a shelly for local control of my garage door. For some reason the shelly kept dropping off of home assistant and it was the only wifi controlled device I have. I decided I wanted to switch it over to Zwave. While this may be easy/intuitive for most, there was nothing written up on how to do this with a Zen16 with a reed switch and with a MyQ garage door opener. Hope this helps some people out there.

Zen 16 Multi Relay
Reed Switches
MyQ Remote
12V Power Supply ()
Zip Ties
Double Sided Tape

Step 1) Take apart the MyQ Remote to expose the circuit board. Solder two wires to either side of the switch. Solder wires on either side of the circuit board for power.

Step 2) Insert switch wires into Zen16 Relay 1.

Step 3) Fix reed switch to the drive chain of the garage chain when it is open with zip ties.

Step 4) Insert wires from reed switch into Switch 2.

Step 5) Insert positive and negative wires from power supply into Zen 16. Insert wires from remote circuit board into garage opener. Plug power supply in.

Step 6) Include Zen 16 (inclusion mode on ZWaveJS, 3 button pushes on Zen 16)

Step 7) Configure Zen 16 in ZWaveJS; parameter 2 to Garage Door.

Relay 1 should now open/close garage door. Relay 2 will be on when garage door is open, closed when garage door is closed.

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