How to use Actions/wideget remotely without NABU subscription (webhooks issue)

Hello all

Today i identify an issue in my arquitecture. i have multiple actions in companion app that work without issues in the LOCAL network. As soon i “go out” and the aplication works fine with external URL but i was having the following error with actions/widget:
“webhook failed with status code 503”

After some debug and search i understand that this issue appears when i don’t have NABU subscription logged in in home assistant for remote control.

My question is: Is possible to have this remote actions working without NABU CASA subscription?

Thanks for the help

I think you would need to set up a reverse proxy for it to work.

When using a reverse proxy you can use the same URL for internal and external :wink:

I use Apache as reverse proxy, but there is also the NGinx addon for HA which should do the same