How to use Aeotec Z-wave Illumino smart switch to trigger different actions

I have a bunch of Aeotec Illumino Z-wave switches in my HA setup via the ZWave to MQTT integration, and aside from normal Z-wave setup grumbles they appear to be working pretty well.

These switches have a multi-touch feature that I didn’t really care about before, but now some rooms have multiple light sets, and I wonder if there’s a way to use this capability.

The HA integration simply reports these devices as a switch, so the scene capabilities don’t seem to be available. Is there a way for me to expose that functionality so I can build automations on them?

Use Scene events.

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I myself don’t use HA directly with zwavejs (I do use HA with zwavejs2mqtt via mqtt). The illumino paddles do send indeed out scene value notification events. Since you have ZWavejs2MQTT, you should be able to turn on logs and see what the scene values are. Some examples:
Tap the top paddle once:
2022-02-19 17:20:39.890 INFO ZWAVE: Node 28: value notification: 91-0-scene-001 0

Tap the top paddle twice:
2022-02-19 17:39:34.889 INFO ZWAVE: Node 28: value notification: 91-0-scene-001 3

While I found this documentation extremely terse, it was enough of a pointer for me to figure out how to do this. Thank you.

I have one switch that is not sending these events. Any idea why?

Check the configuration settings? There’s an option to disable central scene, looks like param 121.

No, that’s all set exactly the same as all the other switches.

Check the driver debug logs. If nothing related to Central Scene is logged, then I suppose you’ll have to contact Aeotec. If something is logged, make sure the node is in the “Ready” state. You could also try a re-interview.