How to use Alexa voice commands to command Deebot to clean rooms

Use Alexa’s voice commands to command Deebot to clean rooms.

Hi everyone, I need help solving this problem.
At home, I have a Deebot N8 integrated into Home Assistant through the Ecovacs integration (it works perfectly and I can get specific rooms cleaned). Alexa is integrated into HA as per the guide on the HA website and the deebot is exposed to Alexa.
After many tests, I discovered that to start the cleaning, I must say: “Alexa, ask the robot to clean the kitchen”. The robot leaves but starts cleaning the whole house, not just the kitchen.
My questions are:

  1. how can I make the vacuum clean specific rooms? eg Deebot cleans the kitchen and bathroom, or the living room, bedroom and study.
  2. I can change the voice command to make it easier, e.g.: “Alexa, clean xxx room”

thanks a lot to everyone