How to use Amazon Alexa to control Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner

I cannot find how to connect Alexa and my robot vacuum, Both of them are connected to HA and work fine.
Any suggestion what kind of intent to use ?
I create alexa skill and can ask “Alexa, ask Miia to {action}” [start/stop/return_to_base]
but nee to create intent in HA to handle passed action. Can some one help me ??

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Not sure if you ever got this working. I got mine set up. I had to use a switch template for Alexa to use.

- platform: template
      value_template: "{{ is_state( 'vacuum.robovac', 'on') }}"
        service: vacuum.turn_on
        entity_id: vacuum.robovac
        service: vacuum.return_to_base
        entity_id: vacuum.robovac

I did a write-up as well if you want more detail.

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this work very good, thanks for sharing.

I just do not understand how/where to put the script

Add “script.find_vacuum” to the rest of your Alexa accessible entities.

I am not sure if i want to use it but i am curious about how it works.