How to use Android Tile to toggle enable/disable multiple automations

I’ve seen a few posts about this, but I don’t think that they match exactly what I am looking for. I currently have an Android Tile button that I use to enable/disable the automation, but would like that single Tile to be applied to multiple automations simultaneously. What is the most direct way of creating this?

I’m not sure what the “Android Tile” button is, but you can create a script to enable/disable other automations (although it’s recommended to use conditions rather than enabling or disabling automations, but that’s off topic).

Then, have your tile call that script and you should have your solution.

use either a script or switch template to control multiple entities in one, the switch will let you set teh state appropriately so you can see if they are all on or off.

its a quick setting tile, you can access them when you pull down the notification panel. Android lets you rearrange them and the app allows you to control and see the state of entities from it.

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Use the tile to toggle an Input Boolean (Toggle) Helper. Then use that helper as a state condition in each of the automations you want to “disable”.


Appreciate yours and dshokouhi’s reply. For added context, this would be disabling an alarm. There are situations where the conditions are unknown/unpredictable which require disabling these automations (regarding the notion suggesting not to disable, if I am understanding you correctly).

Regarding scripts, this sounds like a good solution. Are there any script examples I could check out that work as a toggle? As in, if selected/deselected by the Android Tile, it denotes on/off?

I would go with @Troon’s suggestion and create an input_boolean and use that as a condition in your automations. Alternately, you can create an input_boolean (to use as a switch) and then have an automation that triggers off that and enables and disables the other automations. Then assign that input_boolean to your tile.

I also recommend using an input boolean to control this and use that condition in your automations. I do something similar for guest mode or vacation mode etc… different situations call for different care

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This is perfect, thank you @Troon, @code-in-progress, and @dshokouhi! That is an elegant solution and should work well. I created the helper as a toggle and added it as a part of a required “and” condition with the state to be “on” for the automation to be enabled. This will save me plenty of headaches, thanks!