How to use assist with several languages?

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, if wrong please move the topic.

I am trying to use the new assist feature with 3 different language (German, English, Bulgarien). For the start I test it with German/English.

In German I use “Schalte Wohnzimmer Haftpflicht an” to turn on the living mainlight. My user is set to German and it works fine. Maybe because the Entity friendly name is “Wohnzimmer Hauptlicht”. I set also an alias light “zockerlicht” and assigned it to the area “Wohnzimmer”., But that is not understand my Assist. Only the first sentence worked.

If I use English, no matter if user is set to English or German I also try to turn on the living mainlight switch with

“Turn living mainlight on”
“Shut living mainlight on”
“Switch living mainlight on”

but nothing works.

I tried to check the intent files for the right sentence but could not find the related file to turn a switch on/off. For light I only found a light intent. My lights are no lights but switches.

I set the aliases for the areas and the related switches in the 3 languages. So how can I use assist to turn the switch on/off in the different languages. I also changed my user to the related language every time.

Maybe I miss just the general understand how to configure the things.