How to use "Check Home Assistant configuration"

I’m running on a raspberry pi. I’ve got version 0.85.1 and the latest version is 0.88.2. I followed the steps for using the Check Home assistant Configuration add-on here to use this addon but I must be misinterpreting something. Should I just be looking in the “Log” box to get the output? Because I don’t see any messages indicating [Info] or [Error] there, just parts of my configuration file quoted, sometimes followed by a question mark.

I’ve never used this add-on before, should I be running something from the ssh terminal? Are the "?"s pointing me to trouble spots (like the old “Unix car” joke)?

I can post the results from the log box if that’s useful, but I’ll need to sanitize it a little first if that’s necessary.


Yes, you look at the log. The parts of your configuration showing are where there are errors in your configuration file. They are hopefully enough to show you what to fix. When there are no errors, you will see a message in the log about no errors/successful completion (I don’t remember the exact wording).

The add-on seems to take quite a while to run, so you will need some patience. I think it took about 10 or so minutes before it completed on my Pi 3B+…

I let it run overnight. The word “error” never appears – are the ? marks all problem areas? One of these follows each of the “sun”, “logbook” and “introduction” items in my configuration, e.g. I can’t find breaking changes about these components. And none of those examples have any settings, so they can’t be misconfigured, can they?

Then I run the Check Home Assistant add-on again, and get different results:

[Info] Start install HomeAssistant latest
You are using pip version 18.0, however version 19.0.3 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the ‘pip install --upgrade pip’ command.
[Info] Install done, check config now
cp: can’t stat ‘/config/home-assistant_v2.db-wal’: No such file or directory
cp: can’t stat ‘/config/home-assistant_v2.db-shm’: No such file or directory

I can’t do anything about pip in, of course, so I suppose I’ll “consider” doing nothing . . .

What about the missing files? Does that matter?

they are temp files for the database. ignore that error.

hmmm, also trying to run the config checker and it keeps failing, last error in my log for that addon is

cp: can't stat '/config/home-assistant_v2.db-wal': No such file or directory

Wish I knew how to upgrade from where I am…clicking the upgrade link didn’t work either.

Does anyone know where I can look at the complete log? mine is only displaying the last 100 lines. which are cryptic at best.
Here is last 12 lines :

    - action: ?
        - data: [source /tmp/config/packages/system.yaml:29]
            message: Main disk is almost full
            target: 1xxxXXXxxxx
          service: notify.sms
      alias: Low Disk Space
      description: Notify me of low disk space
      trigger: ?
        - platform: template
          value_template: Template("{% if state_attr('sensor.disk_space_main_disk', 'percentage_free') < 30 %}true{% endif %}

these lines actually refer to this automation:

- alias: Low Disk Space
  description: "Notify me of low disk space"
    - platform: template
      value_template: >
        {% if state_attr('sensor.disk_space_main_disk', 'percentage_free') < 30 %}true{% endif %}
  - service: notify.sms
      message: Main disk is almost full
      target: !secret sid_phone

I just don’t see what’s wrong with it. Does it mean that the actions should begin with the -data instead of the -service? It might help if I could see the entire log.
I’m using check version 3.1 to upgrade core version 0.106.6 to core version 0.107.1

@sgw I had the same situation yesterday and in the end I just proceeded with the update. The only problem I had concerned something I had to correct in the group.yaml but the rest seems to work properly. Now today with the new update (0.107.3) the add-on “Check Home Assistant configuration” is stuck again with “cp: can’t stat ‘/config/home-assistant_v2.db-shm’: No such file or directory” and doesn’t proceed further. No idea if there is a problem with my HA or if the addon needs to be updated for the new challenges. For the time being I hold on with the update.

Hi. For some time I have issue that after “check home assistant configuration” is finished, it does not show anything in logs. While checking it does show some progress, but it does show any results - just blank log page. Have anyone seen such behavior, and maybe someone knows where to find the log file of the checker. Thank you.

found it: /share/check_config.txt

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Hello, I’, running this version:

Home Assistant 2023.1.5
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230110.0 - latest

Did this addon (Check Home Assistant configuration) disappear as I would like to use to check if new versions of HA are compatible with my actual configuration.
Thank you.

seen dated references to the add on but can’t find it… I assume it has gone off the the addon grave yard