How to use input_numbers to feed values to light paramaters

Hi, I set up a bunch of input_numbers so I could globally change values for brightness/kelvin/etc in my scripts and automations but lost as to how I’m supposed to feed those values into my light params.

Any examples or pointers to examples, I haven’t really had a chance yet to wrap my head fully round templates as I’m still new.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you post an example of one of your automations and the entity id’s for the input numbers you wan to use I can show you how to include them.

Thanks @tom_l I read through that section but I must just be missing some concept, I’m not getting any errors but when I put in the templates nothing happens.

Below is where I am trying to implement the template

   alias: Relax Brads Office
     - service: light.turn_on
          entity_id: light.brads_office
          brightness_pct: 50
          kelvin: 3000

And here is one of the input_numbers I’m trying to call.

  name: Relax Brightness Controller
  initial: 50
  min: 0
  max: 100
  step: 1

Thanks again for your insight.

   alias: Relax Brads Office
     - service: light.turn_on
         data_template:        ### <- NOTE data_template instead of data
         entity_id: light.brads_office
         brightness_pct: "{{ states('input_number.relax_lux') | int }}"  
         kelvin: 3000

Note, changing the input number will not change the brightness. The brightness will only change when this script is run. If you want the brightness to change when the input number is changed you will have to write an automation . e.g.

alias: change_brads_office_light_brightness
  platform: state
  entity_id: input_number.relax_lux
  service: script.brads_office_relax

Thanks, @tom_l I was overlooking the need for data_template:

Also thanks for the additional info about needing automation to make the changes live, it’s not what I was going for now but I’ll be getting there soon enough.

Have a good day.