How to use LED/color bulb effects?

I have led strips and color bulbs integrated in my HA.

According to I can use “effect” when call service turn_on. But when I tested in the “services” page, tried value “colorloop” and “random”, it turns on the light but no effect at all.


Is there any syntax error in the above screenshot? What is the correct way to call it? Where can I find the complete list of effect that is supported?

If the effect doesn’t work, is there any other third party tool that can be used to create effects, such as node-red node?


All lights have different capabilities. Does your light support those effects?

Look in the developer tools / states menu. The attribute list for your light will list the effects it supports.

Or just check the list at the bottom of the more-info pop up for your light (when it is on):

Thanks. Looks that the particular bulb I have doesn’t support effect.

Is there any other tools that can simulate effects? I think theoretically it is possible because we can just call service sequentially with different parameters, right?

Did you find something to simulate the effects? I’d be interested too