How to use Light Groups in Automations?

I am not yet a proficient HA CLI guy, so relying on the GUI. I have found that I use the Groups integration to create lighting groups like I used in SmartThings. These show up as helpers, but I can’t find where I can specify one of these light groups in an Automation. This seems like a fairly logical use case, so thinking I am missing something obvious?

it’s just a light. So you can use it wherever lights are available. You won’t be able to use device triggers, conditions, or actions. So don’t choose device as your type.

Thanks. So when selecting an action within an automation, I don’t see anything that would expose the use of a light directly other than devices. I suppose I could do it via a scene?

Use call service and use the light services, e.g. light.turn_on, light.turn_off, light.toggle

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I haven’t tried that. Will do. Thanks for the pointer.

See, you just opened the door to a whole area in HA I had not yet used in that way. It appears to answer a lot of questions I have. Thank you for the assist! Great community!

For the next guy:

Select the service you want, in my case it’s a lighting group so I select “Light:Turn on”. After that, what’s new is THEN you can select targets from Devices, Entities or Areas. The group of lights I made is not addressable as a device, but it is as an entity. Problem solved.