How to use Lock behavior improvements

When I add a card for a lock I have I do not get this behaviour, how to I enable this?

Do your locks have this feature?

I have this lock type

That is just a smart lock without a latch opening mechanism. So that is why you are not seeing the new features.

Ah, thanks for this clarification!

I’m disappointed. Even if the door doesn’t unlatch, it can still be inadvertently unlocked which is not great behavior. Any way to add this to prevent accidental unlocking with a regular smart lock?

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in my case the door is controlled with three KNX-switches:

  1. Short open (latch mechanism)
  2. permanently open lock
  3. Close lock

Every switch works as a button. Only “on” has an action and they return automatically to “off” after 2 seconds.

Is there any way to use the new lock behavior? Perhaps with the lock template? But I cannot find something like the latch status.

Many thanks in advenced.

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I does not seem to be supported by the template lock. So at the moment has to come direct from an integration that supports it.

You could open a Feature Request asking for support for latches in the template lock.

Added PR to HA core:
Add open action to lock entity of the template component by TiHiNi · Pull Request #116888 · home-assistant/core (

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