How to use MQTT Cover to Control Blind Tilt

I have built a garage door controller that uses ESP8266 and MQTT to control my garage door and report state back to it using the MQTT Cover component. This is working perfectly for me.

Now, I am adding ESP8266 and servos to my blinds and would also like to control them with the MQTT Cover component as it appears that it has support for Blind UP/DOWN and tilt.

My question is, how to I use that component and indicate to HA that it is for a BLIND and not a garage door?

MQTT Cover did not previously support tilting. I am currently working to fix this and it should be out in the next version. Keep track on progress in this pull request.

Did you get this working? Would love to see your code!

It’s still coming along, ran into some structural issues with how covers are managed regarding tilt state. I can’t confirm this will make it into the next release quite yet, as I have some other projects that are ahead of it in the queue.

Being new, how would the hardware set up look for that? I’m trying to figure out if pulling a wire to the windows and powering it directly would be better than going battery powered as well as an inexpensive set up to use something like the ESP8266 and a servo in each blind.