How to use multiple networks on HAOS?

I want to add multiple IPs to my home assistant because I have some devices on my IoT VLAN and some on my private VLAN. These devices can’t live on the same VLAN because some are like Sonos that need to be on the same network as my phone for ease of use of the Sonos app and others like my Samsung TV need to be on the same subnet as home assistant but I don’t want them on my private VLAN.

I’m having issues accomplishing this.

I am using a test instance of home assistant OS where I added 2 network interfaces to 2 VLANs but only 1 of them is getting an IP the other isn’t. I have even added a static IP on the interface that isn’t giving me an IP but it didn’t work.

Is there some particular reason you can’t simply route the vlans?

I was being done I got it working now.