How to use old iPhone as Home Hub! GUIDE

Hi guys. I’ve wanted for a long time to get an Apple TV just to use it as a homekit hub. However, I didn’t want to spend 180Euro on a device that I won’t use for anything else. I have been looking for a workaround for quiet a long time and I have even tried setting up a virtual apple tv in xcode but it also didn’t work.

However, today I found the solution.

You need an old iPhone, in my case my old iPhone 6 running the latest 12.4.7 iOS.
You need to jailbrake it with checkra1n tool and add the to cydia.
From this repo install HomeKit Remote Hub Enabler and thats it.
Your old iPhone starts working as a homekit hub. I have been checking it few times today and switching commands are executed with very small delay.



Hi! I unfortunately installed the 12.4.8 and it seems to not support this tweak, can anyone help me?

try to update it? The above worked for me.

For me I run Iphone 5C with IOS 10.3.3 and I have this problem, that I cant flick the switch :frowning: