How to use Portainer? I.e. network/docker for using MongoDB in AppDaemon

I want to use a MongoDB for persistence in an AppDaemon app. I looked up how to connect to MongoDB in a Docker network but am confused by the Portainer in Supervisor, specifically I do not see the containers I know are there.

I run HA OS 64-bit directly on Raspberry Pi 4 and installed Portainer as an add-on.

I wanted to see where the AppDaemon container lives so I know where to put the Docker container so it is accessible.
I was expecting to see the Supervisor-managed containers in the UI, but I see no containers, only images and networks.

Is this expected?
Also, which network should I use for easiest connection to AppDaemon and other add-ons installed through Supervisor?

I figured it out already!

In Portainer, have the MongoDB container join the hassio network. Networks can be found at the bottom of the UI for the specific container.

Then, the host you should use to connect to MongoDB is the host displayed in that UI next to hassio.
The port number is the number on the right (internal port) on the Port Configuration (near the top of the UI). Probably the default mongo port: 27017