How to use the Pi to display the front-end

Is there a way to use the same Raspberry Pi (with the hassio installation) to display the front-end by connecting it to a display?
I am on the latest release and do not know if this can be accomplished.

If this can be done, can you kindly guide me?

Thanks in advance.

If you are using Hassio running on HassOS, then the answer is no.

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You would need to have installed (now called Home Assistant - Supervised) in a generic Linux install, such as Raspbian.

You will then have (Home Assistant - Supervised) running in a docker container, and be able to use the RPi as normal and view Home Assistant using the RPi web browser.

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Run HA in a docker. Run another docker with a kiosk type browser. Your search item is „docker kiosk mode“. Point the kiosk browser to

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