How to use the Zipato Mini RFiD Keypad as a remote for house alarm


I have the Zipato Mini RFiD Keypad and I’d like to use it to set the different modes in my house alarm running Home Assistant 0.53.

I have read the other topics concerning this device already posted in this forum, but these posts do not adress the issues I’m facing. I have no intention in syncing the state of this device, I just want to use it as a “dumb remote” for my house alarm.

So, here’s what I have achieved so far:

  • List item I have paired the Zipato keypad with my Aeon Z-wave stick and the Zipato keypad is visible within Home Assistant.

  • List item I have renamed the Zipato keypad in Home Assistant. Now it is called kontrollpanel_hallen.

  • List item In the Sensors-section, I can se these devices:


As far as I can tell, nothing happens when I press the buttons on the Zipato keypad and/or “blipp” the RFID badge. None of the states or attributes do change.

Question: How can I tell if and when the buttons on the Zipato keypad has been pressed and/or when I blipp any of the RFID-badges?

When I know how to detect these actions, I can write som automations using these actions as triggers.

Since I had no luck when posting, I have copied this question to another thread dealing with a similar issue: Basic Home Alarm Setup with Zipato Keypad