How to use timestamp attribute as a sensor update time?

I create a sensor that retrieved data from web. For example:

homeassistant/sensor/ms_ms-line6/state {"title": "Line6", "A_V": 225.0, "A_WP": 0.0, "MXDW": 0.0, "MXGG": 7040.0, "MXGL": 32.0, "MXGW": 90.0, "MXGY": 260.0, "MXLD": 0.0, "Time": "2021-09-07T09:00:00+07:00"}

As seen, the event happen at 9:00. But my script may run at 5 minute later like 9:05:23.
I want homeassistant to update sensor as if it arrive at 9:00.

I have full control on all data format from sensor and how to update to homeassistant. MQTT is just an example.

Hi @Wit_Wonghanchao, I’m trying to figure out how to do something similar. Did you ever find a good solution for this?