How to use tuya device on Home assistant?

Hi there, i m a newbie here,i have got some device(light,smart plug) which could perfectly run on Tuya app.And i could make some easy scenario with the iot page from them problem is:the devices could not work on Home assistant…Could anyone help? Thanks a million!

use the tuya or tuyalocal integration, you can find how to setup on youtube.
if you want cloudbased use Tuya, if not look at localtuya.

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Thanks for your reply!Maybe it is too entry level-how is the control performance of Tuya Integration? :eyes:you mean i could not use cloud control while using tuyalocal integration,am i right?

as far as i know you can, but if there is an update form the cloud solution it’s possible that breaks localtuya connection.
I prefer to take as many items out of the cloud as possible, so if a lose my internet connection i can still manage them.
If u use localtuya then my advise will be to disconnect/not use your offical app because it can push an update to your devices.