How to use Wunderlist

Since the latest HA.84+ Wunderlist is implemented. I like this component, but how can it used in HA? Is there a way to use it in the UI like reading existings lists and adding new items?

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Hm, anyone who uses wundeslist with HA?
Is there an other to do list which can be used in the frontend? I am already using the shopping list component, but I need more lists.

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I was puzzled by this addition. I was using Wunderlist and then it got bought by and replaced by Microsoft ToDo, which I’m now using instead.

Do we expect HA will support ToDo once Wunderlist is retired?

How do you integrate Microsoft ToDo in HA?

That was my question, really. I though Wunderlist was now being phased out.

So, actually WunderList is still working. Microsoft ToDo might be the successor and might be close wunderlist eventually. But currently it is still working.

But in Home Assistant as an integration it is completely useless, Home Assistant should remove it from the integration page. If there is no way to use it in the frontend, why one can find it in the integration page. AND waste time to try it out ?

How it is possible to reach to the Home Assistant guys, who decide which is to delete from home assistant build, so no one will ever waste time again ??
Can someone here give me a hint ?


Is it really that bad? I won’t bother then! :slight_smile: