How to use z-wave devices not (yet) supported by Home Assistant

I have two z-wave devices that are not currently supported by Home Assistant 0.56 .

By using the Aeon Z-wave USB stick, I can integrate those devices and they appear in the <> “States”.

I can also enable the logger to track certain general activities when using these devices. This method does not give me enough information in order to detect those events that are necessary to act when I press a button on my device.

My problem is that I don’t understand what I shall do to get the information I need.

Example 1:
I have the Z-Wave Wall Switch by NodOn (witch worked fine with Vera Edge). I can se the device in “States” and in the log I can se that it sends data to Home Assistant.

Example 2:
I also have the Zipato Mini RFID keypad. Same here I se it in States and the logger records stuff when I use the device.

These devices are quite different from each other, but the problem is the same: Neither the states nor the logger does provide me with the info I need.

What other ways are there to catch the events these device fires when I interact with them?