How to utilize Broadlink RM3-mini?


I have integrated a Broadlink RM3-mini into HA. But it shows me only one entity: Remote RM3-mini. How can I steer my aircondition which is conected to the remote RM-3 mini? I just need a switch to start and stop the AC. Thanks,


Thanks, yes, I saw this, but I’m not sure how to use. I have learned remote commands already within the Broadlink app, now I want to know how I can send them with HA or utilize them in an automation. I found this:

Is this, what I need to do now?

You can’t use the commands in the Broadlink app - each one has to be learned using the method described in the docs.

In HA you will only ever see one entity - the Broadlink RM3 itself. HA is not aware of your aircon, it just instructs the Broadlink to send commands.

You can, however, configure the Broadlink commands as switches (also in the docs), which makes sending the commands (from dashboards, for example) very simple.

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OK, thanks. You mean I have to learn the commands in HA first by using remote.learn_command or can I directly use remote.send_command, because the RM3 has learned all command in the broadlink app already?

Exactly that. You need to see the Broadlink app and HA as two totally separate things, that CAN’T communicate together. What happen’s in HA, stay’s in HA and what happens in Broadlink app, stay’s in Broadlink app.

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