How to vertical center the icons and title on tiles?

hello, is it possible to vertical center the icons and title on the double height tiles? (The Mi Box, Apple TV Wii etc icons)

thank you

This is a “hack”, but try adding

  icon_style_active: "top: 80px" # or what ever number you need to align the icon vertically
  icon_style_inactive: "top: 80px"

to the widget definition in your .dash file for each of the widgets. This should move the icon down to the specified position, in the example 80 pixels from the top of the widget.

A percentage should also work:

  icon_style_active: "top: 40%"
  icon_style_inactive: "top: 40%"

thank you so much!
and is there a way to make the icons bigger?

If you want to make all icons bigger, you can make a custom skin and edit the variables.yaml file. To make all switch icons bigger, you would need to edit the following entries and change the font-size:

switch_icon_style_active: "font-size: 400%!important; $style_active;"
switch_icon_style_inactive: "font-size: 400%!important; $style_inactive;"

from the default skin which is

switch_icon_style_active: $style_active
switch_icon_style_inactive: $style_inactive

If you only want to change the icon size for individual widgets, you just add:

  icon_style_active: "top: 40%; font-size: 400%!important"
  icon_style_inactive: "top: 40%;font-size: 400%!important"

to the widget definition .dash file for each widget.

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