How use automation to send Bluetooth BLE advertiser packet data to devices?

I need help setting up my HA to control my bluetooth device by sending an advertising packet that I recorded earlier.

how do i set up an automation script to make the ad pack send?

I have a code recorded by the scanner that needs to be sent via bluetooth
packet: FF5556188752B65F2B5E00FC3151D09C940824CB70FC7CAEBFD8DDCDFFFF

have a look here:

ios - How can I clone a non-paired BLE signal from a remote to trigger a device? - Stack Overflow

and here:

Will bluetooth now work? · Issue #5 · manymuch/Xgimi-4-Home-Assistant (

Would be nice though if the Bluetooth Integration could do this too.

Did you finally get anything working? Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

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