How well does the Ring doorbell integrate?

With the Amazon prime day sales coming up I’m finally looking to get myself a smart doorbell. I’m looking at the Ring 3 Plus purely because it’s simple to attach to the wall with the battery power instead of mains wired.

I’ve seen some older posts saying ring doesn’t play well with HA. Is this still the case? The two main features I want are below, looking at the docs I think this is possible but want to be sure before buying!

  1. Immediate notification into HA when the button is pressed so I can announce via the google home speakers throughout the house.
  2. Immediate notification into HA when motion is detected in a pre-defined area so that I can handle notifications/outside lighting without getting separate sensors.


I have the Ring doorbell integrated into HA and “immediate” notifications, I believe, may be asking a bit much. I’ll make an automation to push a notification from HA to my phone and see how it compares with the notification from the Ring app. I’ll report back and letcha know.

edit: So, the result wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s about a second delay from the chime going off and HA reporting that it is going off. Both motion and “ding” are reported in HA as binary sensors, so you should get what you are looking for.

Brilliant thanks for checking! A second delay is fine, just wanted the chime to go off and also any google homes asap afterwards so a minor delay between the two I can deal with. Sounds like we’re onto a winner if there’s a decent discount next week.

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