How will areas work?

I see that there will be the concept of areas coming soon, the developer docs for area registry don’t have much by way of details.
I am wondering if it will be possible to have entities in multiple areas, which may be overlapping or completely disjoint. Many physical areas have different representations.

  • I can see clear area definitions in a traditional house where walls define the area, but in an open concept house where boundaries shift with the furniture how would I define an area?
  • If I’m doing whole house electricity monitoring then I would expect to be able to define areas related to circuits.
  • If I’m looking at security cameras then I’m concerned about the field of view which may overlap multiple ‘areas’ such as the patio, lawn, and neighbors side yard.

So does anyone have any insight into where HA is going with areas?

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Such a great question! I am still wondering how to set up and use areas! I guess no one has a good answer.

That is a two year old post.

Set up your areas as physical locations. e.g. bedroom, outside, kitchen, etc…

Assign your entities to those areas.

Targeting an area in a service call is documented here: