How would you organise my setup?

I have 6 similar rooms (small physiotherapist rooms), a practice room and a waiting room
In every room just an AC and a light.
In waiting room and and practice room an extra TV

How would you organise it ?

divided by rooms and in every room AC/light or divided by AC/light/etc and in that menu the rooms ?

I assume you are talking about how to organise a dashboard…?

Since it’s for a business environment I think I would separate by room. Having said that, there is no limit so you could have a tab for each room but then also have a tab for A/C’s and a tab for lights.



I have the most used controls in each room view (lights, A/C, blinds for that room) but there are also domain views (all lights, all A/C, all blinds, etc…). You could even put the room and domain views on separate dashboards.

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