HowDoI - IP Camera simple motion detection?

Just looking for a simple way to fire an event on motion detection on an IP camera feed.
I have the camera working and it provides a MJPEG feed which is rather good quality and fast.
Using a Pi3B with Raspbian 10 (buster) and latest HA 0.116.4
Once motion detection is firing an event I would like to record the IP stream to HDD.
Ideally, integrate all the above into HASS.

Found this but looks way too much of an overkill, needs hardware, and lots of setup to do, with events in milliseonds
GitHub - blakeblackshear/frigate: NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras and I really do not need event trigger within milliseconds. Seconds will be fine. Iā€™m thinking around 5 seconds would be fine from motion to event fire (just the environment where I am and where the camera is).

Also this, but I want to record to USB HDD not android phone.

What would be the best way to approach this please?

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